Restaurant Cleaning

One of the most important things to consider when running a restaurant is cleanliness of the premises. Especially kitchen and dining Restaurant-Cleaning-london-img1area. The regular cleaning restaurant is very important so diners feel comfortable every day they come to eat in your restaurant. When there are served hundreds of meals a day in a restaurant cleaning of the restaurant is very important.

Cleaning of the restaurant – dining area and kitchen must be done when food is not exposed. The best time to do it is when restaurant is closed for customers to eat. The important task to clean a restaurant are: washing all surfaces, cleaning dining tables, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bar areas, kitchen cleaning, cleaning grease traps, fryers and grills. Beside from daily cleaning restaurants also requre deep cleaning on a regular basis.

Restaurant-Cleaning-london-img2When My Justine Cleaning Services provide restaurant cleaning service we do:
vacuum floor including all corners, vacuum bar seating and moving chairs and sofas,  cleaning dining table tops and bases, polish chairs and furniture, dust tops of paintings with damp cloth, dust all speakers with furniture polish, detail clean ceilings and corners, clean windows inside and out, clean kitchen door, clean waiter’s staion, clean all wood with polish, glass, stainless steel and ice buckets and stands.

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